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Stefan Sundman

Vice-President of Public Affairs Division, UPM
Launch of the Energy Efficiency Checklist: the post-2030 climate and energy policy framework to unleash the power of technology // Bioeconomy 360°

Stefan Sundman is Vice President, Public Affairs for UPM Group. In this capacity he promotes UPM´s beyond
fossils agenda and leads UPM’s external outreach in policy and societal questions. He has also been leading
UPM´s media relations and is currently also in charge of UPM Energy´s communications and responsibility
He has been working with the forest-based industry and related EU policies for the last 23 years and gained
deep understanding of the European environmental, energy and climate policies during the years. Stefan has
a master’s degree in wood technology from Helsinki University of Technology. Currently he also has positions
of trust within the Confederation of European Paper Industry Cepi and Finnish Forest Industries Federation,
especially in the field of climate and energy policies.


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