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Thomas Stehli

Senior International Project Manager, newHeat
Launch of the Energy Efficiency Checklist: the post-2030 climate and energy policy framework to unleash the power of technology

Thomas Stehli is developing international renewable heat projects with Newheat, French leader in solar thermal technology. As part of Newheat, Thomas’ role is to identify industrial sites with an important heat consumption and high heat expenditures, to analyse and understand their needs, and to assess whether Newheat can bring a solution to supply such needs.  If there is a technical and business case, Thomas develops the renewable heat project until it is mature (financing secured / permitting completed / heat purchase agreement signed with the client), before handing over to Newheat’s construction team.

Before joining Newheat, Thomas worked as a project manager for ENGIE Impact in France and Singapore. Engie Impact is technical / strategic consulting arm of the ENGIE Group, focusing on decarbonization.   Thomas holds a Master of Science (MSc) from Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France


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