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Hans Ingels

Head of Bioeconomy, Chemicals & Cosmetics Unit, DG GROW European Commission
Bioeconomy 360°

Hans Ingels is the Head of Unit for Bioeconomy, Chemicals and Cosmetics in the European Commission's DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, where is also Deputy to the Director. His team is responsible for the industrial aspects of the bioeconomy, and the EU legislation on cosmetics, fertilising products, classification, packaging and labelling of hazardous chemicals (CLP), toy safety, pyrotechnical articles, civil explosives, detergents, good laboratory practice (GLP) and drug precursors. His team is also managing the Transition Pathway for the Chemicals Industry.

Hans Ingels obtained a Law Degree (KULeuven – Belgium), a Degree in Notarial Studies (KULeuven - Belgium), a Postgraduate in Company Law (KUBrussel - Belgium) and a Master Degree in European and International Law (VUBrussel – Belgium). He joined the European Commission in 1995 and spent most of his career on files related to the single market for products.


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