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Cristian Matti

Policy Analyst and Lead Author of JRC Science for Policy Foresight Report 2023, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
High level session: Circular Choices

Policy Analyst at the European Commission Joint Research Centre focusing on foresight, design for policy.

Cristian Matti is a sustainability and innovation policy expert committed to enabling science-policy-practice interfaces to design and implement territorial development strategies in multi-stakeholder settings. He has 20+ years of relevant professional experience with interventions in more than 18 countries in Europe and South America. His background includes research and projects on systemic policy processes, climate change, circular economy and innovation management. He specialises in strategies for adapting scientific methods and tools into actionable knowledge by combining applied research, design, project and innovation management and capacity building. Cristian Matti is a policy researcher, and a system thinker motivated to enable institutional change through innovation and capacity development processes across cultures and sectors.

BA Econ (UNLP- Argentina), MSc Science and Technology for Sustainability – SPRU, UK and PhD in innovation studies and economic geography by University of Valencia (Spain)


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