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Astrid Lagefoged

Head of Unit Planetary Common Goods, Universal Values & Environmental Security, DG ENV, European Commission
Circular choices through forest knowledge

Astrid Ladefoged is Head of Unit for Planetary Common Goods, Universal Values & Environmental Security within DG Environment at the European Commission. The unit aims to enhance the understanding of the environment equity-stability-peace nexus and its link to resource management, and pursues a better integration of the importance to protect the natural resource base in both EU and global policy responses on climate, energy, development, trade, and foreign and security policy. This includes promoting sustainable forest management and combating illegal logging. It also comprises work on the UNECE water convention and, more broadly, with the International Resources Panel and other bodies aiming to enhance the science-policy interface and to support international initiatives for resource efficiency and an international uptake of circular economy.

Ms Ladefoged has more than 20 years of professional experience working on the EU's policies including at national level in a ministry, at European level in a think-tank and finally for more than 15 years in the European Commission in various departments and in a cabinet.


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