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Annita Westenbroek

Energy Innovations Manager, Cepi
Launch of the Energy Efficiency Checklist: the post-2030 climate and energy policy framework to unleash the power of technology // Blue Sky Young Researchers and Young Professional Awards 2023

Annita Westenbroek is Energy Innovations Manager at Cepi since June 2020. She is also Manager Innovations at the Royal Association of Dutch Paper and Board Industries, director of the Dutch Biorefinery Cluster, and cluster director at the Dutch Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT), where she coordinates the European initiative on Deep Eutectic Solvents.

Annita studied Chemical Engineering and in 2000 received her PhD on a research towards refining of paper making fibres. She has been employed for 11 years at Wageningen UR, of which 6 years being responsible for coordination of the research group focusing towards the pulp & paper industry.


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